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Service Philosophy and Commitment

(1) For the companies, manufacturers and individuals interested in SAMPE equipment, we are willing to offer a variety of product promotional materials for free, please feel free to contact us or write to ask for information.
(2) SAMPE Company welcomes the manufacturers and individuals interested in SAMPE equipment for consultation, and we will reply in a variety of ways.
(3) SAMPE (Yantai) Technical Training Center and SAMPE (Beijing) Technical Training Center provide technical services for all the relevant manufacturers and individuals at any time free of charge to make you become a skilled sheet metal technician.
(4) Any customers interested in our company can visit our website

(1) SAMPE Company is responsible for the installation and commissioning training for the equipment purchased.
(2) "Equipment user file management" is provided for any SAMPE equipment for file preparation in computers, and all the information about users and equipment models are timely input into the computer.
(3) For all the SAMPE users, SAMPE Company will present global vehicle model data manual and equipment operation manual, etc.
(4) SAMPE company provides the users with a full range of products, and selects product configuration based on customer needs.
(5) SAMPE Company deliveries equipment to user location under the provisions of the contract; if loss or damage occur to the equipment on the way, SAMPE Company will repair or replace the parts (even the whole equipment) timely without affecting the use.

(1) Any SAMPE equipment are provided with one year free warranty, and for any damage caused by quality problems within the warranty period, SAMPE Company will offer free repair or part replacement.
(2) For any SAMPE equipment with the free warranty period ended or entering the warranty period, SAMPE Company will offer repair services for all the normal damage within the warranty period, with only costs charged.
(3) SAMPE Company has the computer data of all types of vehicles in each year around the world, thus can provide SAMPE users with data support for a variety of vehicle models by fax or letter.
(4) SAMPE users enjoy concessional price or cost price at purchasing optional components or accessories or additional accessories.
(5) All the users purchasing SAMPE equipment through normal channels enjoy the service system content specified by SAMPE Company.