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Founded eighteen years

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  Spring 18 years; their prime; 18 contained work, fruitful!
  June 11, 2014, Yantai triple over 18 years old, I hope Yantai triple the 18-year-old & ldquo; mitzvahs & rdquo; is a summary of the past, creating the future. Hope Yantai triple in the next 28 years, 58 years, 108 years old, is still celebrated with his youth, still bears their social responsibility.
  "Be tolerant to diversity tolerance is a virtue," Yantai triple as a fierce river, after eighteen years of accumulated convergence, has grown into the sea, becoming the river, the surface is more calm, but more rich connotation. Complete improve the speed of expansion of output, technology, eighteen years after casting into the corporate culture, Shigehito heavy Shigenobu concept of corporate culture, the release of preliminary listing 3V technology applications, three new board listing. Step by step, layers, have shown not only smoke combined triple bigger and stronger long do we need to do far, business confidence in the achievements of a century, so we are confident that their future to celebrate 28 years old, 38 years old, or even 108 years old happy Birthday! Has the power to undertake corporate social responsibility!
  Thanksgiving eighteen years of trials and hardships, have your Thanksgiving eighteen years and triple in the same boat.
  Thanksgiving eighteen years Yantai triple the staff, thank you for your struggle to pay, only the achievements of today's triple success; Thanksgiving all motor insurance distributors, thank you for staying with the rain, only to cast a brilliant triple today. Shigehito heavy Shigenobu, Yantai triple Thanksgiving eighteen years have you all the way!
Yantai triple Technology Development Company Ltd.     

   Today, we triple the company 18 years old! What 18-year-old mean? Means mature, we hobbled vibrant today, we have experienced a lot in the future there will be more, but we are not afraid, we have higher ideals and a strong will. What 18-year-old mean? Means Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving with us and together we experienced employees, friends, customers, 18 years old what it means to them? Means responsibility, we have entered a new starting point, to assume their obligations, to achieve the ideal, contribute to the community, and the duty, no turning back. Today we stand on a new starting line, facing the sun spirited, looking forward to in the future to bring their own medals podium! Thank you for so many years Auto insurance agents support. Thank you for your perseverance, thank you for staying with. 18 years have you, need your help with support in the future. 18-year-old triple happy birthday!
General Manager of Technology Development Co., Ltd. Yantai triple     

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