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Beam calibrator features

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Our company is a supplier of beam calibrator, product quality, fair and reasonable price, superb technical ability and a hundred percent of goods and services, the majority of new and old customers. Now you tell us about the beam calibrator features:
1, the second mobile scissor lifting mechanism, so that the vehicle is fixed on the table quickly and accurately.
2, the external fuel tank, easy maintenance.
3, three-dimensional positioning clamp adjustable clamp mouth Jingwei network design to ensure clamping and fixed various models.
4, imported hydraulic system, powerful, reliable performance and long service life.
5, the device is suitable for a variety of domestic and imported cars, vans, sport utility vehicle.
6, fully equipped sheet metal stretching tool, taking into account the deformation of arbitrary shape correction, easy to use and flexible.
I uphold the "integrity, quality, efficiency," business philosophy, "Seiko secret agents, customer first" as the eternal purpose of continuing the pursuit of "service, standardized management, international quality," the goal, and the real the actions to win the trust of domestic and foreign customers.
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