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 Bench Length  5200mm
 Bench Width  2100mm
 Working Height  560mm
 Pulling Capacity  100KN
 Air Supply Required  0.6—0.8Mpa
 Radius of Pulling  360°
 Max. Load  3500Kg

1. The structure of the platform is slot type with square holes, CNC plasma cutting, welded with Panasonic co² welding machine. Use large shot-blasting machine to remove rust and welding slag, relieving welding stress. Static powder coating techniques insures antirust and intensity need.
2. The hydraulic tilting platform makes it easier to drive damaged vehicles up or down.
3. The working radius of pulling towers is 360°. Easy operation. Two pulling towers work together makes more efficient straightening.
5. Equipped with powerful hydraulics systems, durable and low failure rate.
6. Streamline clamps can fasten almost all various damaged vehicles.
7. Cable-stayed arm makes the repair of the top of the car body conveniently.
8.Perfect after sales service guarantees customers’ satisfaction.

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