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 Bench Length  5500mm
 Bench Width  2100mm
 Working Height  520mm
 Pulling Capacity  100KN
 Working Range  360°
 Max. Load  3500Kg
 Voltage  380V/220V
 Power  2.2KW
 Frequency  50Hz
 Air Supply Required  0.6—0.8Mpa
 Rated Oil Pressure  26Mpa

1. Plate type platform. Static powder coating techniques insures antirust and intensity need.
2. Hydraulic vertical lifting platform makes the operation easier.
3. Integration control system, keypress operation and electronic pumps.
4. Low press cylinder with big cylinder diameter. Resistance to wear with low failure rate.
5. Special ramps can protect operator from accident. Save space, save time.
6. Perfect after sales service guarantees customers’ satisfaction.

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